Events Calendar

Instructions for Submitting Event to Calendar

The following URL will lead you to a form to fill-in to submit an event for review see instructions below:

Please note these instructions have changed

Submit an event:

  1. From the home page, select "Events Calendar" to link to the calendar site.
  2. On the Events Calendar, select "Submit an Event" located on the upper left.
  3. Complete the contact information.
  4. Go to "Event Title" – 1st type in instrument needed. If using SEM, please include EDS if needed followed by your name. Example. SEM-Jones
  5. Description – state your contact info – such as lab phone, cell phone, etc. Students please state your advisor’s name, your name and email.
  6. Event location is for remote users only
  7. Please fill out "Event Contact" so that we can contact you in case of a problem.
  8. Once complete, select "Send Suggestion", once we see the request, we will either approve it or if there is a conflict, we will discuss a solution.
  9. To return to the FCAEM site, back space until reaching the home page.

If carbon or sputter coating is needed, please schedule a separate calendar event for this process.*