Critical Point Dryer

Critical Point Dryer A critical point dryer is an instrument used to dehydrate biological specimens intended to be observed in a Scanning Electron Microscope so that the specimen is preserved in its natural state. Samdri®-PVT-3D

  • Precise flow control for INLET, COOL, PURGE, VENT, and BLEED micro metering valves.
  • Vernier handles on all metering valves allow for reproducible settings.
  • Internal surfaces inert to LCO2 and ultra-pure alcohols.
  • Integrated automatic temperature control.
  • Static pressure control module for automatic pressure stability.
  • EZ top loading process chamber.
  • Internal filtration* protect samples and valves down to 0.5µm.
  • Tough, solvent resistant cabinet.
  • Under-lit chamber with viewing port aids visualization of chamber status.
  • Fast adiabatic chamber cooling* with CO2.
  • Advanced solid state reliable electronics.
  • All electronic and other components meet UL, CE and/or U.S. Military Specifications.


User Manual for PVT 3-D (PDF)