SEM is a versatile instrument that is capable of imaging a wide range of materials—from uncoated soft tissues to hard rocks in variable pressure conditions. The SEM is utilized by a diverse user group - from forensics, biomedical engineers, biologists, hard material scientists to geologists and failure analysts.



  • High resolution of 3.0 nm
  • Point and click PC interface
  • Auto and manual focus
  • Stage control
  • Dual magnification
  • Multipoint measurement
  • Digital zoom
  • Sample exchange
  • Easily mouse operated
  • Image capture
  • Digital image capture – Polaroid camera available
  • Large chamber and stage
  • 5 axis automation
  • Click-center-of-zoom
  • Automatic low vacuum system
  • Switch between LV and HV with one click
  • Specimen can be held at LV without being subjected to damaging effects of HV
  • EDS-UTW detector
  • CL detector
  • SEI/BEI detectors